Brandon Ousley is a freelance, natural-born writer, editor, and creative from the South Side of Chicago. He graduated from Roosevelt University in the summer of 2014, with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Journalism (His minor is in black studies.) His main writing beat is music, specializing mostly in classic soul, funk, jazz, pop, rock, avant-pop, and other genres that pique his subconscious. He cites himself as a music enthusiast and connoisseur, devoted to assessing the subject's artistic, historic, and cultural flashpoints. As an avid music collector (who owns an encyclopedic vinyl and cd collection), He contends that the album is mankind's greatest (and under-championed) art form to ever exist. He's written acclaimed pieces for Albumism and Medium. 


He currently lives in Chicago and has a strong desire to undertake other freelancing opportunities and write fruitful content for other publications/companies (For a "Pretty Penny," of course!) 

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